Discover excellence at Arshad Rice Mill, where tradition meets quality. With a rich heritage in rice cultivation, we meticulously select and process each grain for superior taste and purity. Experience the essence of tradition with every bite.


Learn about our journey since 2015, where passion for rice and dedication to quality led to the establishment of Arshad Rice Mill


White Rice

It is the form of Rice in which husk and bran have been removed completely during the milling process. Because the white rice undergoes this process, it is also known as polished rice. This alters the flavor, texture and appearance of the rice.

Parboiled Rice

It is easy to cook and can be made in any variety Basmati, non-basmati or long grain. It is an ancient way to boil the paddy to obtain parboil rice. Parboiled rice color is like golden because during the paddy boiling, rice absorbs the husk color.

Super Basmati

Super Basmati is the pinnacle of Pakistani rice, and its name is a byword for refinement and subtle smells. This prestigious cultivar, which is grown in the fertile soil of Pakistan, has thinly long grains that emit a tempting smell. Super Basmati takes you back to its spot of birth with every mouthful. Where the skill of nature meets the highest standards of cuisine. Super Basmati is a memorial to the beautiful service of Pakistani rice, providing an unparalleled experience.

Basmati 385

The flexible masterpiece and genuine culinary master Basmati 385 stands out in the illustrious history of Pakistani rice. A medley of scents wakes your senses with each inhalation of one of its long, delicate grains. The flavors that Basmati 385 imports from Pakistan’s highlands go amazingly well with a range of dishes. This variety tells a rich story that is likely to leave a long-lasting impression on palates all across the world. Whether it is the centerpiece of a decadent biryani or the foundation of a warm rice dish.

PK 386

In the vibrant and brilliant mixture of Pakistani rice, PK 386 stands out as a flexible genius. It is a grain that adapts readily to any recipe. Its medium-grain structure, which is adorned with a sweet scent, opens the door for a wide range of imaginative experimentation. Whether it is exquisitely steamed or prepared as a flavorful biryani. Each dish that PK 386 garnishes gains a certain flair as a result. This sort of rice, which typifies Pakistani cuisine, has earned its rightful place as a fixture in the kitchen.


We have modern machinery to clean, polish and pack the rice with combined processing capacity of 300 M/tons per day. We have got latest Colour Sorter machines imported from Buhler, UK for electronic sorting of rice.


What our customers say?

Abdul Malik Traders

At Abdul Malik Traders, we rely on Arshad Rice Mill for our rice needs. Their consistent quality and reliability make them our preferred supplier. From bulk basmati to long-grain varieties, Arshad Rice Mill always delivers on freshness and taste. Their commitment to excellence has earned them our trust as a valued partner in our wholesale business.

Ahmed Rice Suppliers

Ahmed Rice Suppliers has been sourcing rice from Arshad Rice Mill for years, and the partnership has been nothing short of exceptional. Their attention to detail in processing and packaging ensures that our customers receive premium-quality rice every time. Arshad Rice Mill's dedication to customer satisfaction has played a significant role in the growth of our wholesale business.

Shami Wholesale Distributors

Arshad Rice Mill is our go-to supplier for wholesale rice distribution. Their diverse range of rice products caters perfectly to our clientele. With prompt deliveries and competitive pricing, they ensure our shelves are always stocked with top-quality rice. The trust we've built with Arshad Rice Mill is integral to the success of our wholesale business.