Welcome to Arshad Rice Mill’s Process page, where we invite you behind the scenes to discover the meticulous journey our rice undergoes from farm to table.

Seed Selection:

Our process begins with the careful selection of premium rice seeds, sourced from trusted growers across Pakistan. We prioritize varieties known for their exceptional flavor, aroma, and texture.


Our dedicated team of agricultural experts works closely with local farmers to ensure sustainable cultivation practices. From planting to harvesting, every step is guided by our commitment to environmental stewardship and ethical farming.


When the time is right, our skilled farmers hand-harvest the rice to preserve its integrity and quality. This traditional method allows us to selectively pick only the ripest grains, ensuring superior taste and texture.


Once harvested, the rice undergoes a precise milling process at our state-of-the-art facilities. Through careful cleaning, husking, polishing, and grading, we remove impurities while preserving the natural nutrients and flavors of the rice.

Quality Control:

Throughout the entire process, stringent quality control measures are implemented to maintain our high standards. Our dedicated quality assurance team conducts regular inspections and tests to ensure that only the finest rice reaches our customers.


Finally, our rice products are ready to embark on their journey from our mills to your table. With a robust distribution network, we ensure timely delivery to our customers across Pakistan and beyond.

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At Arshad Rice Mill, our commitment to quality, sustainability, and excellence is reflected in every step of our process. Join us on this journey as we continue to uphold the rich tradition of Pakistani rice cultivation while embracing innovation for a brighter future.